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Series Gel Pen

Gel Pen has the advantages of both fountain pen and oil-based ballpoint pen, with comfortable writing feel, low ink viscosity, and appropriate lubricant added. The viscosity of writing medium is between water and oil, so it is smoother than ordinary oil-based ballpoint pen, and it is an upgrade of oil-based ballpoint pen.

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Series Mechanical Pencil

To keep writing smooth, wooden pencils need to be curled and sharpened frequently. The emergence of mechancial pencil meets the need of people to use easily. An automatic pencil, as its name implies, is a pencil that can draw the core automatically or semi-automatically.

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Series Rollerball Pens

Roller ball pen is popular as a novel writing tool. According to the type of pen, ink color, structure and so on, it can be divided into different types of neutral pen, you can choose according to their own needs. Roller ball pen the writing principle of Roller ball pen is to use the ball to directly contact with the surface of the paper to create friction, so that the ball rolls in the ball seat and brings out the ink or ink in the pen core, so as to achieve the purpose of writing.

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Series Silk Crayon / Gel Wax Crayon
Crayon is made from imported raw materials with quality, bright color, uniform, no caking and continuous core. No knife cutting, easy to use, economical and time-consuming.
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Series Pencil Lead Case
A pencil lead box is a container used to store and carry pencil leads. They are usually made of plastic, metal or paper and come in different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different users. Pencil lead boxes may include pencil leads of different thicknesses and hardnesses to meet the user's use in different situations and needs.
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Series Marker Pen

Marker Pen is often used in designing objects, advertising slogans, poster drawing or other art creation occasions. Can draw a little change, thicker line. Box tip pen is a kind of marker pen. Markers are also divided into water-based and oily ink, water-based ink is similar to color pens, is not the content of the essence of oil, oil ink because of the essence of oil, so the taste is more stimulating, and more volatile. Use a marker if the paint falls off.

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Series Highlighter Pen
Highlighter pens are very useful in study, work, research and many other occasions. For example, students can use highlighters to mark key information in textbooks to quickly find key content during review. In an office setting, highlighters can help people highlight important memos, emails, or key passages in reports.
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