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Marker Pen is often used in designing objects, advertising slogans, poster drawing or other art creation occasions. Can draw a little change, thicker line. Box tip pen is a kind of marker pen. Markers are also divided into water-based and oily ink, water-based ink is similar to color pens, is not the content of the essence of oil, oil ink because of the essence of oil, so the taste is more stimulating, and more volatile. Use a marker if the paint falls off.
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Ningbo Taiyu Stationery Co.,Ltd. was established in 1986. It is located on the northwest of Ningbo. Our company is professional on mechanical pencils, gel pens, painting material production. We also have development team and sale team to make sure our products reach domestic and foreign standards. As China Marker pens Manufacturers and Wholesale Marker pens Suppliers, we have passed ISO9001 in 2008. We can export our products on any places wit the competitive price. Our products have high reputation on Europe, America, Japan,Korea and The Middle East.


Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, high quality products and Service. To let our earth keep green and better living environment. Professional Custom Marker pens Factory in China.

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Marker pens Manufacturers

The Benefits of Using Marker Pens for Sketching and Drawing
Marker pens have become a popular tool for sketching and drawing due to their ease of use, versatility, and vivid colors. Whether you are a professional artist or just starting out, there are several benefits to using marker pens in your artistic practice.
Firstly, marker pens come in a wide variety of colors, which can be mixed and layered to create unique shades and gradients. This makes them ideal for creating vibrant and dynamic artwork, from bold illustrations to subtle sketches.
Secondly, marker pens are often water-resistant and quick-drying, making them a practical choice for outdoor sketching or working on-the-go. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, canvas, and even wood or plastic.
Another advantage of marker pens is their precision. Many marker pens come with fine or chisel tips, allowing you to create detailed lines, outlines, and highlights. This makes them ideal for creating technical drawings, lettering, and graphic designs.
Marker pens are also a great tool for experimentation and layering. They can be used in conjunction with other mediums, such as watercolors or colored pencils, to create unique textures and effects.
Finally, marker pens are relatively affordable and easy to find at most art supply stores, making them a great option for artists on a budget.
In conclusion, marker pens are a versatile and practical tool for artists and designers alike. With their vibrant colors, precision, and affordability, they offer many benefits for sketching and drawing, and can help take your artwork to the next level.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Techniques for Marker Pen Artists
If you are an artist or designer who regularly uses marker pens, you may be interested in exploring advanced techniques that can take your artwork to the next level. In this article, we will explore some creative and innovative ways to use marker pens beyond the basics.
Blending: One of the most popular advanced techniques with marker pens is blending. This involves layering different colors and blending them together to create a smooth transition or gradient. To achieve this, start by applying the lightest color and then gradually layer darker colors on top, using a lighter touch as you go.
Stippling: Another advanced technique is stippling, which involves creating shading or texture with dots or small marks. This can be achieved by using a fine-tipped marker and varying the density and size of the dots. Stippling can create a range of effects, from subtle texture to a stippled image.
Cross-Hatching: Cross-hatching is another shading technique that involves overlapping lines in a crosshatch pattern. This can create a variety of tones and textures and is often used in technical drawing or illustration.
Watercolor effects: You can create a watercolor effect with marker pens by using a water brush to blend the colors together. To achieve this, apply the marker ink to the paper and then use the water brush to blend and dilute the colors. This can create a soft and subtle effect that mimics watercolor.
Layering with other media: Marker pens can be used in conjunction with other media, such as colored pencils or watercolors, to create unique textures and effects. Experiment with different combinations and layering techniques to achieve the desired effect.