How to erase the crayon?

Update:01 Jan 2023
1. First prepare a piece of toothpaste and a towel, wet the towel first, and then put the towel into a basin of water. Wet the towel and wring it out slightly. Squeeze the toothpaste onto the wet towel. The amount of toothpaste can be controlled according to the crayon marks to prevent unnecessary waste. Apply toothpaste to the crayon mark, place the towel next to the crayon mark, and be careful not to drop the toothpaste. Rotate and rub slightly while applying, and wipe repeatedly to remove crayon marks. If it is not enough, you can add toothpaste. The strength is as long as the crayon marks disappear.
2. The crayon is drawn on the paper and can be wiped slowly with an eraser. If it is painted on clothes, scrape it first, and then wash it with detergent. If it is painted on the wall, it can be rubbed lightly with sandpaper.
3. A crayon is a pen made by mixing pigments into wax. It can have dozens of colors and is used for drawing. Crayon has no permeability and is fixed on the screen by adhesion. It is not suitable to use too smooth paper or board, nor can it obtain composite colors through repeated superposition of colors. It is an ideal tool for children to learn color painting, and some painters use it for sketching and color recording.

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