Rollerball pens are known for their smooth, effortless writing experience

Update:15 Feb 2023
A rollerball pen is a type of writing instrument that uses a ballpoint and liquid or gel ink to write on paper or other surfaces. Unlike a traditional ballpoint pen, which uses a thick, oil-based ink, a rollerball pen uses a thinner, water-based ink that flows more freely.

The ballpoint in a rollerball pen is typically made of tungsten carbide or ceramic, and it rotates as the pen is moved across the paper. The ink is stored in a reservoir or cartridge inside the pen, and it flows through the ballpoint and onto the paper as the ball rotates.

Rollerball pens are known for their smooth, effortless writing experience, as the ink flows more easily onto the paper than with a traditional ballpoint pen. They are available in a wide range of colors and line widths, and are often used for tasks that require precision and control, such as drawing or drafting.

Some common types of rollerball pens include gel rollerball pens, which use a gel-based ink that dries quickly and is resistant to smudging, and liquid ink rollerball pens, which use a more fluid ink that provides an even smoother writing experience. Rollerball pens are a popular choice for everyday use, as well as for special occasions like weddings and other formal events.